The Digital Marketing Trends Of 2014

The previous year has come and gone. We’ve learned lots of lessons and we’ve also followed some advice from SEO and Internet marketing gurus. The speed media is produced in the Internet, combined with the ever-changing trends of interests, digital marketing’s evolution in 2014 has been very rapid, and very productive.

These digital marketing trends in 2014, which had focused on Content Marketing, Advertising, Big Data and Mobile Marketing, will continue to push on.

However, we speculate that Big Data and Mobile Marketing will play bigger roles for 2015. We also believe content will continue to be the top-notch need for internet marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, we anticipate that around 40% more smartphone users will convert from desktop to mobile in accessing information.

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How Pinterest Help in Marketing your Enterprise


Pinterest is the social network favorite of the minute, as well as your company should be making cash from it. Pinterest is large (3.3 million individuals) and also it catches users attention (typical site time 72 mins).

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a digital notice board. Like the various other social networks individuals can adhere to other individuals and also obtain updates that the original user blog posts to their board.

What makes Pinterest one-of-a-kind?

Pinterest is an aesthetic social media network. Discussions do happen, the entire idea is to receive messages aesthetically instead compared to textually.When a user clicks on another person’s pinned image, Pinterest will take the customer back to the initial page where they discovered that image. Site visitors that are fascinated by an image simply click it to discover even more details on the original website. Pinterest enables the user to view which the individual re-pinned the image from. If Sally re-pinned a photo from Joe and also a user did such for the photo, then perhaps the user also wants to follow Joe.

How can I equate this into earnings?

To translate a Pinterest account into income, the key is driving traffic. Get your brand name on Pinterest– producing a board allows customers to learn concerning your brand aesthetically. This is a different encounter compared to lots of webpages as well as permits you to tap into the emotional calls to a consumer. Pinterest is like a free of cost, highly aesthetic PPC advertisement without the spending for clicks. Use re-pinning similarly you use re-tweeting– Pinterest is an aesthetic social media network that enables simple sharing. Pinterest allows others to re-pin your content quickly and also a user that clicks the re-pinned photo still goes back to the original source (your page). Placed them on the site and also watch as people come to your website sensation influenced if you are part of an Internet business you probably currently have outstanding graphics


Get to people that are not actively browsing– Pinterest allows the marketer to upload pictures in position where customers are searching anyhow. As users go to the numerous graphics they are not necessarily doing so by brand, however instead are doing this by graphic. This enables smaller sized brands to place their more aesthetically stunning photos up and also contend with the bigger brands. In addition, these customers are simply checking out graphics and are not going shopping. That is a highly qualified site visitor that is most likely to transform if they come across a photo and like it so considerably that they go to your web page.

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Four Things Needed in Analytics


As digital marketers, we swear by tracking. And if you’re not tracking your web traffic, digital marketer or not, you should be. Whether you’re a business owner who has experience with Google Analytics, or a young organization that is looking for some quick guidance, these four tips will put any user on the right track to success with Analytics.

1. Update your Tracking Code to Support Display Advertising
Gain access to demographic data such as age, gender and interests that are collected from DoubleClick.
Create remarketing lists that allow engagement with customized groups of previous visitors. Then you can deliver ads that are specific to that group.
For directions on how to update your tracking code, CLICK HERE.

2. Email or Newsletter Signups
Determine what sources or campaigns made your user decide to engage with your brand, and what exactly made them sign up.
HINT: Review your geography reports to see the states and cities of your signups. This can help you identify your target market and consumer personas.

3. Top Landing Page Path
Know what path your visitors take from your top landing page. What do they read? What do they buy?
HINT: If your top landing pages have high bounce rates, consider redesigning them or even redirecting them to a more relevant page.

4) Campaign Tracking for Social Media
Attach UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes to your custom URL’s to track your Source, Medium and Campaign. You can include the following items below and determine where your user came from, as well what campaign directed them to the assigned landing page.
Source: Facebook
Medium: Social
Campaign: Blog
HINT: Shorten the URL’s, then test them. Also, check real-time reports to make sure they work.

Do you agree with our 4 essential metrics? What metrics are essential to your business’ success?

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